Engineering Archives is more of a "How to do it" rather than a "data reference", such as Engineering Toolbox, even though Engineering Archives also provides some reference material. Engineering Archives provides most reference data in a single Engineering Data External Links page.

By working from the Engineering Archives main site, you can search for terms using the Google search that will only return results pertaining to Engineering Archives. In this way you can be assured that all results that are returned will be engineering-related.

Learn Engineering!

Computers are efficient partly because of their ability to communicate – internally and across networks. While it can be fairly difficult for humans to internally reduce error and streamline their thinking, they can continually refine their creations, making them more efficient, streamlined, and virtually error-free. Learning requires communication across some sort of medium. Someone may fully understand how to do something, but they may lack the ability to effectively convey that knowledge to someone else. When things are not explained in a clear, concise, organized and structured manner, and when this continues over time, it becomes quite a burden for the learner.


Engineering Archives endeavors to be a free learning environment that attempts to make it as clear as possible for anyone to understand and utilize engineering. If we aren't making it easy to learn engineering then we aren't accomplishing our mission! Our goal is to explain things in such detail and clarity, most anyone can understand. Engineering Archives aims to be a comprehensize all-in-one engineering resource. Engineering Archives' main goal is to leave no question unanswered.

This website may make it a little easier to explain engineering, but it still takes quite a bit of time to learn, even for the most intelligent of people!

Even though there is a reference section, this website is meant more as a learning aid rather than a reference.

Engineering Archives' primary focus is on the mathematical principles associated with engineering concepts.

This is a not-for-profit effort, but if anyone would like to help make this go along any faster or more efficiently, please post a message at the Engineering Archives Forum.

Engineering Archives is perpetually under construction and refinement.

The material and content of Engineering Archives is designed to be subject to change and alteration at all times. Therefore, it may not be assumed that any presented material herein is static. The material is constantly subject to change for the purpose of maximizing the ability of the learner to comprehend and absorb the material. The changing and alteration is conducted based on user feedback. Therefore, effective changes cannot take place without the user feedback. Please go to the forum for questions and feedback.

Engineering Archives has two purposes: one is to be a comprehensive educational tool for engineering students and professionals, two is to be a platform from which softwares can utilize the knowledge for processing.

Wikipedia's content changes based on what the information provider thinks as sufficient or appropriate for the learner. Engineering Archives' content changes based on what the learner thinks is necessary in order to better comprehend and absorb the material. In other words, Wikipedia's content changes based on the teacher. Engineering Archives' content changes based on the learner.